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Celebrating 25 years of humane care

Pacific Wildlife Project Membership Information
Tax Payer ID#: 33-0219453

With the staggering costs involved in taking care of sick and injured wildlife, help from outside sources is essential. If you wish to become a contributing member to Pacific Wildlife Project, then fill out the form below. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. You may donate any dollar amount.

If you wish to donate more than $ 10,000.00 at any frequency, please contact us at PayPal will not give you an error if you try to donate more than $ 10,000.00.


Weekly Membership Levels

$ 2.00 - Sushi Lunch for a Loon

$ 5.00 - High songbird Tea (hummingbirds, doves, robins, orioles, swallows, mockingbirds...)

$ 10.00 - Power Lunch with Mr. P, American White Pelican, the Largest bird in North America!

$ 20.00 - Bon Vivant Luncheon for all our herons; Great-Blue, Black-crowned, Green-backed.

$ 30.00 - Gourmet Luncheon for six California Brown Pelicans (or one Pelican for a week!)

$ 100.00 - Grand Buffet pays for a feast for up to 150 birds, or one bird for its entire recovery period.

$ 500.00 - Host a beach party for 250 pelicans.

$ 1000.00 - Throw a charity ball for Mr. P and 500 of his closest pelican friends.


Monthly Membership Levels

$ 25.00 Basic Membership

$ 50.00 Family Membership

$ 100.00 Sustaining Membership

$ 1000.00 Patron (life membership)

$ 2500.00 Endangered Brown Pelican Membership


Contribution Information

I wish to donate $ .00



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