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Planned Giving

Unlike annual gifts which usually come from your current cash flow, a planned gift comes from your overall estate. Planned gifts are made through a variety of vehicles such as wills, annuities and trusts. Real estate, stocks, and life insurance policies are examples of donated assets. Below are some examples of planned gifts which offer you tax reduction benefits. Pacific Wildlife Projects' staff is willing to discuss these and other forms of planned giving with you. To do so, or for anything related to this subject, contact us at We encourage you to discuss your program of giving with your tax and legal advisors.

Bequests – Typically made through your will, a bequest can be for a specific amount or for a percentage of your estate. Another option is to leave the residue (remainder of asset left after all the terms of the will have been satisfied) of your estate to Pacific Wildlife Project. Regardless of the type of bequest, all transfers are deductible for federal estate tax purposes.

Gift Annuity – A gift annuity provides you with a fixed income for life or for your designated beneficiary. You will transfer an asset to Pacific Wildlife Project; we will manage the fund for you and provide you a yearly income. You will also receive a tax deduction. A combination of factors, including the value of the asset transferred and the beneficiary’s age when the annuity is created determine the amount of your income payment.

Charitable Remainder Trusts – Charitable remainder trusts are life income arrangements where assets are gifted to the trust, which in turn pays you a regular income for life. The asset can be cash, securities, or property and once the trust is established you will receive a tax deduction. At your death, the assets revert to Pacific Wildlife Project.

Charitable Lead Trusts – A charitable lead trust is similar to a remainder trust except that Pacific Wildlife Project receives the income from the trust first for the number of years specified by the trust. Once those years have transpired the assets from the trust go back to your family. The lead trust reduces your estate and potential estate taxes.

Life Insurance – Do you have a policy that you no longer need because your children are grown? You can name Pacific Wildlife Project the beneficiary of the policy which will entitle you to a charitable tax deduction. Whether you use an existing policy or purchase a new policy to replace the value of a different asset, you will reduce your estate taxes because the policy proceeds are now removed from your estate.

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