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Celebrating 25 years of humane care

Animal Updates

Below is a list of selected animals only with their rehabilitation progress. Patients in the listing below are displayed here at the request of admitting persons. Not all Project admissions are represented.

If you would would like to sponsor an animal and track their progress on this page, please contact us at with your admission information and the level you would like to sponsor them at (levels listed below). Then click on the PayPal button above to complete the sponsorship.

Sponsorship Levels

$ 25.00 - Standard Sponsorship - Track an animals progress.
$ 100.00 - Premium Sponsorship - Track an animals progress PLUS receive updated photos of the animal throughout their rehabilitation.

NOTE: We are entirely run on donations and need your help. All contributions are tax deductible and go directly towards the medical and rehabilitation costs of our animals. Click on the donate button at the top of this page to help out our animals. Thanks.

NOTE: This page is currently undergoing maintenance. Please visit back soon as new animals will be posted.

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